Thursday, January 13, 2005

Scenes from a Cemetary...

Here are a few shots from an old cemetary here in the centre of Edinburgh, Stunning isn´t it? I realise it´s somewhat morbid and morose but cemetaries have always appealed to me, they´re so quiet and peaceful. One can see the care bereaved ones lavished upon their loved ones, the artwork clearly displays amazing workmanship and devotion. And the history present in the place itself is so remarkable and tangible. o.k. so it´s a bit more than morbid but hey ;-)

Admittedly seeing as they were all taken on my cameraphone the quality is such that they´re all best viewed as thumbnails and the rest left to the imagination.. That new fancy camera is definitely on the great big "To Do" list of the year ;-P

That last picture (no6), because of the lamppost, immediately brings to my mind an image of Mr. Tumnus ;-) ... As I´ve mentioned before, Edinburgh is such a magical city, it brings to life so many tales and adventures. They vividly play in front of ones eyes as one walks down alleys, climbs cobbled streets or gazes at the amazing architecture. Every time I visit the school of Scottish studies I´m sure I hear a horse drawn carriage on the street and Ragnar even claims to have literally found Diagonal alley on a school trip to the castle ;-)This is a dangerous city for such as us with overly active imaginations.... ;-P


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