Sunday, January 23, 2005

What to do when you should be studying..

Well I have been studying, honest!!
I´ve also been rearranging my photos at night and have for that purpose started a new account with flickr in order to be able to categorize them.
Don´t worry the Fotolog one will be kept active and I intend to post there the pictures that form the family diary of sorts whereas on the flickr account I´m currently just transferring those pictures I found to be outstanding in some ways. So the categories are as follows;
1) 2) 3)
4) 5) 6)

1) Reflections - Literally all them reflections, in puddles in wondews excetera that I keep taking photos of..
2) Titled "the Kids" it is more of a collection of fairly good pictures of the family..
3) Icelandic Views Askew..- Blatantly stolen from one Mr Kevin Smith, this a mere collection of Photos from around Iceland, mainly Reykjavík though.... One almost feels homesick ..
4) Homo Sapiens Observed in their natural Habitat..Need one say more? eds up beig mostly of kids though ...
5) Then Graffiti or Street art..Those of you who know me are aware of my longstandin fascination with this art form ;-)
6) And finally Gothic Edinburgh.. definitely more to come !

I assume more will follow soon, "shadowplay", "Life in Edinburgh" and "portraits" have already been considered and might just make it ;-)

If you have better suggestions for categories or feel something is missing by all means make use of this wonderful tool often referred to as the comment link and actually voice your opinion ;-P

Well my 10 minutes online are up so I´m back to Mrs Ruth Finnegan who beneath her covers seems to hold all the truths of Oral Tradition :-P (no dirty thinking! ;-)


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