Monday, February 21, 2005

A Journey into the Highlands ;-P

o.k. major long time no see, sorry about that, can´t really blame being hectic either.. oh well. On the scale one to ten the greatest news is that of our highland trip with dad. I´d already recounted the adventures of me my precious self driving all the way to Glasgow, and back as well mind you ! ;-P
During the weekend we went out to dinner with Janet, Halldórs friend from school and visited the Falkirk wheel, just south east of Edinburgh. Souds easy dunnit? Well it is if you count in the fact that for the first 3 times or so we tried to leave the city by car we kept returning to the place of origin!! I count myself innocent seeing as I was merely the driver and I had two fully qualified navigators at hand ;-)
The rest of the weekend was spent playing with the trainset dad got Ragnar for Christmas :-D Although I´m not sure exactly who got the most enjoyment out of it ;-) it seemed to be very much the boys playing with a new gadget :-D

Then on the Monday we set off north, first day included Urquhart castle on the shores of Lock Ness and then we stayed the night in Kingussie.

The second day we were racing the sun because yours truly was so intent on catching Eilean Donan castle in the sun, well we just about made it :-D It was truly amazing as usual, and as the amount of photos taken there can bear witness to ;-P
p.s. if you feel like you know the castle and if you´re a movie buff then you might be recollecting a scene from "Highlander" where Connor MacLeod rides accross a bridge away from the castle off to his first battle ;-)

That day, after an amazingly scenic drive through the mountains we stayed in a small town called Plockton.... ahh but it is at this point in the story that I´ve gone ahead of my photos ;-) i.e. I´ve still to post the rest of the travel pics so me thinks I´m going to finish this tale of adventure later :-D
There is also the minor factor that I have to finish writing an abstract for the paper I´ll be delivering in March at a conference of sorts here in Edinburgh :-( Terrified look of panic ... ach.. I guess it´ll work out as long as I actually get to work on it ;-)

Anyways hugs and kisses from snowy/sunny/freezing Edinburgh ;-)


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