Tuesday, February 08, 2005

So what´s up?

So for some newsupdates... Steini is off back to Denmark, well I assume he´s in Denmark, haven´t heard from him yet and knowing him he might just as well have ended up somewhere entirely different ;-P Kinda envy him of his carefree ways and life sans responsibilities... He´s been living in Christiania for the past year or so, and amazingly enough he actually has a mailing address now .. A vast improvement :-D
But come to think of it, I don´t think I could actually keep that kind of a life up for very long. And then there is always the issue of my two gorgeous little beings. The living proof of my capability for keeping things alive ;-P Didn´t work on cactuses nor on ........ well enough on that ;-)
So what else, well went out partying with Ragna on Saturday ;-) Excellent fun, met up with some rather colourful characters and stayed out late :-D
Oh and I finally allowed Ragnar to get the haircut of his choice!! Well, perhaps not exactly, he had wanted tall spikes in glaring colours so we settled on spikey hair ;-) and some highlights. Weird how they´re growing up, guess it´s inevitable but... ;-P
Anyways, off to school tomorrow, for the first time this year. Weird the semester setup here... Really looking forward to this second semester, as well as meeting the guys ;-) Got one resault back, didn´t like it much at first :-( it´s a 6, but after having been pointed out to that the top possible grade is 8 I guess it´s ok, according to the info it´s equal to a B so.... Still haven´t heard about the other on though and I was struggling on that one, shiver. Better not think about that.
Until later, cheers from Edinburgh :-D Where the trees are already sprouting into bloom. Slight difference from Iceland ;-P


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