Saturday, February 12, 2005

The Templars Temple in Temple ;-)

After picking dad up in Glasgow (after an infinitely exciting drive to get there, involving roundabouts, lane changes and me driving on the wrong side of the road ;-) We took the scenic route back home and stopped by in this little village called Temple, seeing as dad wanted to check out a record company (homeowned) there.
Whilst he was inside discussing the pros and cons of Scottish bagpiping in irish pubs in Italy, we trotted down the walkway to the templar abbey below and what a sight to behold. Amazing !, I of course like graveyards to begin with and this was a photgraphic treasure for me !!! So if you´re up for an overdose of photos ala Gunnella, then be my guest and click any of the pictures :-). I´d love some feedback though ;-)
Cheers from Springy Edin...


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