Wednesday, March 30, 2005


I hate it when Blogspot does this, a long entertaining post on maneki neko´s blown away, lost to the windy reaches of the nether regions of the internet, never to be read, enjoyed nor even sneered at....
Disappeared, as if it had never existed...

so if a post has been written but the posting failed and hence noone has read it... does that mean the post never existed ;-P ??

Zen and the art of Blogging ;-)

As for what I´ve been up to today, well I´ve officially been collecting latrinalia. What does that entail, is something you might possibly entertain the thought of asking, well seeing as I´m being so horribly verbose today I just might share it with you ;-)

Today I went between every single pub on Leith walk up to London Road that is, taking pictures of bathroom graffiti. Or at least that was the plan :-( . Surpricing how few pubs there were actually, only 17, although the poor kids, due to having to wait out front every time, felt there were far too many ;-)
– Alas it has come to this, I´m dragging the children between pubs now…;-P

I was actually doing research for a project on latrinalia in ladies lavatories along Leith Walk, or at least that was to have been the title until I found out that named ladies don´t seem to have the urgent need for scribbling on the walls :-( So I´m going to have to expand my area as well as visit a lot more heavily smokey pubs.. which wouldn´t ´be so bad if I were actually drinking ;-) but merely going in to snap pictures, deal with the danger of rejection (the laughter I take as a given) and the gratuitous heavy smell of smoke lingering in my hair.... ;-P
My own fault is what you´re thinking right ...? :-D

Anyways the best I got today was lame, more like remnants of graffiti..

"My mother made me a homosexual."
response: "If I buy the wool will she make me one, too?"
Scullys Bar, Cincinnati, OH
For more examples of latrinalia I recommend this page here ;-) Cheers.


At 10:02 PM, Blogger Gunnella said...

just checking if this thing still works after all the Blogger hassle of the past couple of days ;-)

At 12:49 AM, Blogger Chris said...

If you are interested in graffiti, I would try the study desks at the University of Edinburgh library. You should see them. They are completely covered in it. It would be a great project for an undergrad in Scottish studies.

Also, about the blogger thing, what I do is copy and paste my post into notepad before I post it. That way I never lose it. Once I have sucessfully posted, I kill notepad.


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