Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Easter Sunday in The Sloan Street Household

Easter was nice and laid back in the Sloan Street household. Obviously it began by the kids opening their eggs, one Icelandic from Valgerður and Niels and one pretty cool one bought here that came with a tube of glazing and smarties so they got to decorate the egg themselves :-D.

After the chocholate overindulgence we had a slight panic getting ready for an Easter party we were invited to when we noticed that for some strange reason the computer clocks were an hour ahead of our clocks, and thankfully figured out that the time change had taken place so.. In twenty minutes all were dressed, clean and looking sharp, a record I think for a family of four ;-P

The Easter bash was at Arnots house, the librarian at the school of Scottish Studies. She and her lovely family took it upon themselve to look after all the expatriats in the area ;-D
Great fun, the kids loved the attention, everyone loved Halldórs chocholate cake ;-P and the conversations were invigorating :-D

We´ve found it rather strange though here, how little is done to remind people of Easter. Even the tv channels haven´t got anything different from the usual stuff and don´t even seem to cater to the fact that kids are on holiday… Being used to the typical Jesus movie every Easter in Iceland it´s slightly strange to find here that there is a holiday, kids get time off from school but there is no other obvious remembrance of “why” exactly there is this holiday…?


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