Sunday, March 06, 2005

Tired little ones fast asleep...

Well Halldórs parents finally made it to us, through all the hassle of low fare airlines ... Sounds ridiculous but the flight was cancelled, all the staff went home, the airport staff tried to get them accomodation which they succeeded in doing around 2 am, then at 6 am they´re awoken abrubtly and told that a bus is comming to pick them up in half an hour..panic ensues but everyone makes it, only to wait for a bus that never arrives. Then they´re told to get themselves to the airport by their own means...

Anyways, we had an excellent day yesterday, just milling through Edinburgh centre showing them the sights then having a feast of scottish fish and chips, accompanied with the compulsuory brown sauce and malt vinegar for dinner :-D

On a different note.. Elena got a gold sticker yesterday ;-) Meaning that three times she´s been sent down to the headmistress for excellent work or behaviour and will now have her name written in the golden book as well as recieveing the gold sticker at friday assembly in front of the whole school.. :-D One majorly chuffed mum here :-D

So the plan tonight is to have dinner at the chinese buffet closeby, may not sound fancy but the kids absolutely love it, I can have my sushi and freshly fried meat and veggies ;-) so...I likes my food :-P


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