Monday, April 04, 2005

Geek is the new cool ;-P

Love this, came accross it ages ago, and probably even posted it then, but it´s still soooo true. It forms a part of The guy´s guide to geek girls ;-) and it is just so incredible to know that there are more of us out there ;-) as there obviously must be seeing as the notes below are all absolute truths....Although I´m missing Indy Jones and the fantasy genre a bit ;-P

There are many topics of conversation the geek girl may be interested in discussing. One of the most popular ones is Science Fiction; geek girls are often avid SF fans, and many will gleefully analyze the latest B5 episode for hours with you; however, there are a few things to keep in mind where the geek girl take on Science Fiction is concerned:

  • Ivanova is God.
  • Voyager got it right: a woman's place IS in the Captain's chair. Or in Engineering. Or anywhere else that requires her to use her brain instead of just being a 'nurturing figure.'
  • The 'spandex in space' phenomenon [footnote] is evil. What characters wear when they're out of uniform is another matter entirely. Picard in his riding pants, for instance, or Archer in his boxer briefs, are both quite acceptable.
  • Every geek girl has had a crush on Han Solo or Luke Skywalker. Most of us, both. Many of us still do, secretly.
  • Episodes that explore a character's inner feelings are just as important, if not more so, than ones where they go around shooting things.
  • Geek girls like Spock better than Kirk. Don't ask; it just IS.
  • It is a nice thing when the brainy computer whiz kid is actually a girl for a change. Likewise, geek girls will cheer when a woman becomes Chief of Engineering. If you know what's good for you, you will cheer, too.
  • Pouty lips on a Vulcan? Puh-leeze!

One fairly show I´ve only recently come accross has the best female character ! :-D A Cheeky techno geek goth who ooses charm and quick with the sarcastic shots ;-P The show is NCIS, a take on all the CIS shows and not an overly good one, to stereotypial yet she and the british coroner with the literary refrences and English humour :-D


At 8:18 am, Blogger bramble said...

It's freaky; I too am a geek girl. ^_^ I clicked through your flickr page to your blog. Good luck with your studies and PhD proposal.


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