Saturday, April 09, 2005

My Astral Truths Revealed ;-P

Yay :-D Someone actually went and read my astral chart below for me :-D This certain someone is Mikhail Tchudin of Coffee House fame. Reading through it it seems remarkably accurate ;-) What do you think guys?


it took me a while to get to actually typing some of the things I fished out of your chart. :-)

First off, the program/site you used miscalculated some very important stuff, like the Ascendant, if you know what I am talking about..

It looks like you are an outgoing person who's got a lot of friends, and it is very likely that you are already happily married or, if not, you will be. What helps you with that is your openness and friendliness. However, friendship is not what your life revolves around. The true focus is love life and general creativity. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it is a rare occasion that you don't have a boyfriend or at least someone you go out with. And you can be quite manipulative when trying to the man you want. No one would call you guileless, that's for sure...

If your time of birth correct (!) and I got the chart correctly, you may have had a baby at the age of around 23, or possibly a miscarriage. However, my problem here is that I have no info for Iceland as far as summer/winter time shift, etc. This really blurs timing of events and even your personality trait become less certain.

Another thing I'd like to note is that you can be a great astrologer! You've got a great feel for what others just fail to see or understand. Quite often you are able to sense the outcome of a project when it just started. Learn astrology is my advice! =)) Trust me, you'll be good at it!


At 1:45 pm, Anonymous guile said...

guileless.. i love that word..


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