Saturday, April 02, 2005

Spankings in a Historical Perspective....

Colin Farrell (not the irish actor) has been researching into corporal punishment in his spare time for over forty years. His interest began at primary school when he saw other boys being spanked in front of the class. Later he attended a boys' grammar school where there were daily canings. He became particularly fascinated by the social dynamics of this process, and its place in the prevailing culture, as well as its wider implications in terms of deterrence, retribution, authority, rebellion and conformity. He managed to avoid getting the cane himself but was interested to hear about it from those who received it. He was inspired to start this website partly by a growing sense that long-standing historical realities were being lost sight of in a new and different era.

I personally loved the chapter on spankings in advertising, remarkable how social mores have changed in the past 50 years or so !!


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