Saturday, April 16, 2005

Ya´all been hanging much?

Yay, fingers crossed and knock on wood, head was acceptable today so I actually got some work done ;-) Thank you for your concern, and sorry for posting that horrid photo of the migraine with me.
Admittedly me frantically working on my presentation involved chockolate, me in bed and pillows stuffed behind my back sorting through and reading an assortement of articles on Buffy studies...So fairly laid back ;-P

At least I´ve set my aim on this project which is a grand step forward (and just as well as I have to present it on Tuesday). I´m looking at language as a means of defining a group, a folk if you will. Don´t really dare go into heavy linguistics due to one of the group being a linguologist ;-) but will be adressing things like the "leet speak" of Mega Tokyo fame, Buffy speak and then social representations like posting boards, conventions and meetups. So at the moment I´m all Buffied up with phrases and quotes...

Well I´m right wigged and all ranty, so I´d best go search for more clueage before I go all postal on ya ;-P

However seeing as I´m sitting in the livingroom, all cosy next to Halldór, who´s practicing with his drawing board on the lap top, in front of the tv and seeing as American Idol is just about to start... well I somehow doubt any major studying will get done this evening ;-P Isn´t technology wonderful (and aren´t I just the perfectest little procrastinator)?

Ok, my views on todays Idol.. (like I can afford to talk ;-P )

O.k. so I might be a little biased being a rocker and all, but I thought Constantine rocked with his rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody, he made it his own, didn´t try to copy Freddie, chose parts he could handle with pizzass and really made the song his own. Major Kewlness going on ;-)

The other rocker, Bo, not so much cool ;-) lacked power but he still has the strongest stage presence of the lot..

Anwar did well, love his voice :-D And Nadia was lovely, but very much bacground music.

Paul Mcartney copycat completely lost it, Federov ! Don´t try for a song if you haven´t got anything to bring to it. Trying to copy the original and just fails miserably....

Vonzell did well with Footloose´s "let´s hear it for my man" funny though that it was the tops when she was born..makes me feel nearly old ;-P

guy Scott :-Þ Don´t like his attitude and find his voice mediocre at best. But it was fun to see Hall and Oates again ;-P

Carrie Country girl, "love is a battlefield" I loves !! She´s somewhat lacking in stage presence but what a voice, I love it! :-D


At 7:27 am, Blogger Anastasia said...

I really don't want to like constantine, but he did much better than bo this time. when he said bohemian rhapsody, I thought dear god here it comes, but he really did well.

I also really liked carrie's love is a battlefield.

scott needs to go. and anthony.


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