Monday, May 02, 2005

Bah humbug...

This piece of news has me infurated!! Apparently a thirteen year old girls request for an abortion has been denied in a court of law, the verdict being that she lack the maturity to make such a decision!?! If she lacks the maturity to make the decision and feels she dosn´t want to be pregnant she is most certainly not mature enough to bring up an infant!! Silly moronic stupid people!
My stance on the matter of abortion has to be that it is something that should be used only as a last resort, the options are far too many to use it as a contraceptive tool. And I believe most firmly that in the case of rape, minors who don´t want the child or when a mother can hardly cope with feeding the ones she already has and doesn´t want another, that it is for the greater good! A child borne to those circumstances would not be happy nor would the mother.
But to deny a child an abortion is just cruel! (I won´t go into what got her there to begin with or what should be done to help her now, regardless of whether she keep the child or not)

O.k. rant over.... just to end .. a five year old girl handcuffed by police for misbeahaving in class??? Having been both a teacher and a parent I fully realize that children can become dangerously aggressive, especially if hyperactive or autistic (as the girl looks to be a bit) but nevertheless a more humane approach would have been easy! Knowing how my kids trust and revere police officer I doubt this girl is ever going to trust or be at ease around one ever again!
Read the story here or watch the actual video by clicking here....

If it weren´t for the stroy of the american soldier who adopted an Iraqi kid with cerebral Palsy I´d think this world was a no good place to be...


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