Monday, May 02, 2005

Blossoms and Babblings

One thing that´s certainly caught me off guard is the beauty of spring here in Edinburgh. I´d never have believed nor did I expect the amount of cherry and apple trees blossoming all over the City! To see a city of Hogwarthian dimensions and a colour array ranging from brown to dark grey all over a sudden sprout pink and white blooms all over is amazing. The city becoming alive and vibrant in a matter of days. The blooms have now started to dvindle and fall but it´s one more notch in the book for Edinburgh, a friendly and warm city filled to the brim with history and photo opportunities ;-)

Mmm more blossoms ;-) Liked the framing of this one Extreme pink Sunny weather My fave DSCN2259 DSCN2253 Apple blossoms?

In the news:

We will take you up to over 5,280 feet above the earth's surface so you have the opportunity to join the exclusive "Mile High Club." For only $269.00 you will have an hour flight in a Piper Cherokee Six designed exclusively for this
purpose. Also included is a bottle of champagne and you get to keep your sheets as a souvenir of this special event.
    Sheets for a mile high club? I´d have thought that in order to make it as authentic as possible a minuscule loo would
    have been more like it ;-)
  • Underwater biking to launch students´ eight week American crime spree. Acouple of students from Cornwall are intent on making American criminal history by spending their summer breaking as many US laws as possible, sound weird? Wait till you hear what laws exactly ;-) Using as a refrence they intend to do horrible things like, sleep in a cheese factory and whale hunting in Utah. ;-)
  • And Apparently Oprah had some nice things to say about Iceland :-D

On a lighter note here´s avideo of dancing mishaps that had me literally in stiches, might be that I´m just an evil person but thereagain you might enjoy it as well ;-P


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