Saturday, May 28, 2005

Greetings earthlings

Me with a tired grin ;-)

Hi all, you may possibly have noticed my near total lack of postage this past week or so, and I´m sorry to announce that it´ll continue for another week or so. Things are just hectic at school, and what with my amazing ability for procrastinating ;-) you can imagine how much I still have left to do before the end of term, which incidentally is on Thursday..*PANIC*

I did however take the time out yesterday to go down to Sheffield and give a paper on Graffiti in Edinburgh, or rather on the woes of folklore fieldwork when improperlprepareded ;-)

Much to my own surprise it was very well received, and although I feel I lack all theoretical framework people seemed enthusiastic about the subject and following my presentation I was inundaded with comments and questions. Always amazes me as much when this happens, and the amazement is doubled when upon being questioned I can actually come up with a logical answer ;-P don´t think I´m ever going to come to expect this ;-)

Gunnella on Graffiti in Edinburgh ;-P . . Gideon on representations of blugrass music in O brother where art thou . . Paul Day on Rat lore

I´m finally starting to accept the idea myself that I might have what it takes to be a fairly good academic. About time too seeing as I´m applying for the Phd. I´ll never be an excellent one, for that I lack the dedication and theoretical insights and approaches, however I do enjoy academia, I´m an excellent researcher and I have a zest for teaching... And people strangely enough seem to appreciate my work..*puzzled look*

I know I know.. I´m however a bit thick only admitting this to myself now ;-)

In regards to my dissertation questionnaire the response has been amazing, thank you all who helped and posted links for me :-D

So far 523 have accessed the questionnaire and over 200 what I term "good" responses, i.e. people who honestly filled it out to the best of their capabilities. So I´m in heaven, it looks as if my dissertation is a go :-D


At 6:26 am, Anonymous Viktoría said...

hmm.. ég veit ekkert hvort þetta virkar. kannski kannski ekki.. les stundum bloggið þitt kona góð. bið að heilsa í útlandið. Viktoría og drottningin í bumbuni

At 9:35 am, Blogger Svava Svanborg said...

You just realized you might be good at this ??? Old news darling, ancient news to me :-)

At 8:01 pm, Blogger Gordon said...

What a fab photo of you (the top one).

And I'm not surprised at all. Even just chatting to you in the pub it's obviously something you are enjoying and are very knowledgeable about - that combination always enthuses others.

At 9:35 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hooray for you!! I don't know if you'll ever come to expect it, but maybe you'll come to not be shocked by it. you can do this.


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