Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I´m a silly nilly sod, cue: Hit me on the head or kick me in the rear!

Have I ever mentioned that I´m crazy? well o.k. let´s mollify it to over optimistic, procrastinating, prone to anxiety attacks over unfinished chores, lazy and .... , o.k. The gist of it all is that I should be studying for my course. I have two essays to hand in on the third, along with 4 book reviews (admittedly only a 1000 words each), I still haven´t posted my questionnarie online, the one which will form the basis of my dissertation to be handed in in September, still haven´t handed in my phd application, partially because I´m having second thoughts about the school at which I intend to study and what am I currently doing....?

Watching and memorizing Star Wars, all five of them!?! See I told you I was a silly sod ;-) I got bamboozled into parttaking in the university Star Wars quiz here tonight by Halldórs mates, So tonight kids get handed off to poor Ragna and Helgi as we gallavant down to the student centre where I for one will show off my total lack of trivia knowledge....

Tomorrow... I promice to finish the questionnaire and hand it over to Halldór for to assist with database building. Then come Friday we´re invited to a chinese picknic at the foot of Arthurs seat as well as to a concert in the evening... Why is it that social events all seem to be crammed into the space of a couple weeks, all whilst one really should be doing something entirely different??

Anyways, episode 5 awaits me... May the force be with you ;-P

p.s. for the best found source of Star Wars Trivia check here :-D


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