Monday, May 16, 2005

It´s a beautiful day in the Neighborhood, I hope you´re gonna stay a while!!

Elena posing away ;-)

Only after blogging this was it pointed out to me that the title, that brings to my mind a heavy metal song by Ugly Kid Joe invokes feelings of pure and utter kornyness in most others....hummmm...Intresting how one assumes others will percieve things in a manner similar to ones own....
Sunny happyness :-D Double Sweetums Intent on biology research (snail hunting)

Had a wonderfully sunny day here in Embra today, so much so that even the hungover one (no names shall be named) made it to the garden to enjoy sun, kids and general well being...
Things learnt (nicking this from Alan, shhhh don´t tell ;-)

  • Snails come with shells in this country and according my kids have offspring the mammal way (we had our reservation as to the named excretion but... scientific inquiry and all that)
  • Halldór claims not to sunburn, hence the bright redness of his chest will from now on be referred to as "the tan"
  • more to come after dinner ;-)


At 5:45 am, Anonymous Alan said...

Now I'm confused. If the date on this post is correct, you nicked it from me before I wrote it, and hence I nicked it from you. My brain hurts.

At 6:44 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful! :)

At 8:00 pm, Anonymous Peter said...

I used to have water snails in a fish tank, and they laid eggs. Quite definitely. Bred like rabbits. (Numerically.)


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