Saturday, May 21, 2005

Quick babble between lunch and more studying

Have actually been studying hence the near complete lackiage of postings. We did take a break last night to go see the battlefield band play the Usher Hall. And what an experience! They had visiting musicians from Ubekiztan (I know it´s spelled wrongly) and the whole concert was just this playful interaction between these marvellously talented musicians.

In other news, Halldór is putting the finishing touches to the database for my questionnaire, upon which , or rather upon the resaults of which I will be basing the whole of my dissertation ... *nervous shiver* I will be making an appeal to those of you who pop by here onece in a while, to fill it out for me... the more responses the better the data..

Elena was somewhat hurt when she found out that Star Wars was rated 12 and over, but mollified by Ragnar pointing out to her that when she´s actually 12 he´ll be 15 and have his own money and hence would invite her to the cinema with him... So nice, so sweet and caring, and so very unlikely to happen ;-) Ach well, one can enjoy the moments.

Anyways, Ms Shu Shu Costa awaits me with her Lotus seeds and Lucky stars, for to review her book, so I´d best be heading off if I´m to allow myself to see both Dr Who as well as The Eurovision finals tonight... ;-) Eccleston has apparently agreed to star in a romantic movie now... I can´t help but feel somewhat like he´s an ungrateful git but that´s just me speaking..


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