Friday, May 20, 2005

Real time Eurovision semi finals , who hooo ! ;-)

Am currently watching The semifinals of the Eurovision Song Contest, so this is going to be a sort of ongoing commentary, albeit not nearly as sarcastic nor witty as the british commentators ;-P

Austria - eeeech ...I think the lesser said the better

Whilst I´m waiting for the bavarian, peppy yodeling brassband to finish I´ll just mention offhandedly that my team did not, indeed, win the Star Wars last night. We did however end up with scores much closer to the winner than the lowest team ;-)
On second thought I like her hair... that´s something I guess ;-)

Lithuania - Laura and her lovers..? O.k. Extremely scary face but nice boots, I can forsee this one becoming popular in Spanish and German night clubs.. Jennifer Garner on a VERY bad hairday..

Portugal - First thoughts..nice beat and dancing, then the singing commenced....*scared bewilderd face* humm wonder how many Ruslana copycats there will be here tonight ;-)

Moldovia "what" "where" "when" o.k. liking the offbeatness... nice beat, can´t really understand any of the "English" text and what´s with the Caribbean singing..? Ikabaka choba, doba was amaka mama was a boga... o.k. they just had a grandma walk on in traditional costume with agiant drum.. O.k. these might just make it.

Latvia ahh, how sweet, two pwetty boys wif guitars. I´ll let Elena judge this one, she´s clapping and diddling along with the beat... so we´re also betting on them. Oooooooo sign language accompanying the self help book lyrics... nice. It´s official, Elena apparently "Loves this one" and wants the cd, had I mentioned that she´s 6!

Monaco hey they´re actually singing in foreign (read French) points for pride and stubborness.... dunno...don´t understand the text and it´s kinda lyric based and slow..
Nice strong voice + handsome statuesque woman + whiny language=She´s through

Israel can anyone sing Hubba hula ? ;-) oops Monaco has competition a petite blond with a nice voice, singing in foreign and wearing a gown... battle of the divas.

Belarus o.k. someone went overboard with the gown and the crown jewels (no! Not Charles´) What is that thing on her butt? But she does have three wee Lord Fauntleroys swooning over her and undulating..always a good addition in my opinion ;-) Eeek the diva thing was working but the Abba sequeened bootlegged gold stretch suit.

Netherlands I have a dream...well we all do dear! Strangely enough she reminds me of American Idol... No, actually strong nice voice, excllent precence and an extremely Eurovision like maby

ICELAND Selma again, singing If I had your love.. now let´s see.. god awful costumes It´s everything and nothing.. yet it´s powerful and she can sing...fingers crossed.
I´m guessing we have a chance.

Belgium....eeewwwwww smarmy what?

Estonia It´s them plunky swedes all over again!! only in a Spice Girl getup.

Norway Yikes, steelhouse rock rides again, Jon Bon Jovi WILL be suing!! And Gene Simmons phoned, he wants his costume back! Joking aside, nice to have some electric guitar mixed up with all the preppy cheerleaders and wannabe dames.

Rumenia flutes - working, Ruslana beat - not so much, nice voice albeit somewhat forced..o.k. catchy beat, ooo and metal banging kewl points there. A ruslana imitation yet different enough for it to work.

Hungary Hey it´s riverdance alloveragain.. Wow I´m such a sucker for dancing slim men in black. Half of her costume is amazing, sexy, gothic, sleek, the other half, well it´s missing! I wanna see them again (and yes I´m biased ;-)

Finland Jhonny Logan rides again, pity abput the face. But apart from Denmark the other year no country has really benefitted from sending well known national crooners. Mostly I´m guessing because they´re normally so old by the time they get there... I´m betting on this one to continue though.

FYR Macedonia what a mismatch between costumes and song..? Peppy beat and that´s about all I can say..

Andorra yet another Ruslana beat, but hey undulating half naked males :-D Refreshing as well to see that the backup singers were NOT chosen for their looks but for their voices. O.k. good voice, a theme, feathery half naked males. I´d like to see them continue!!

Switzerland Vanilla what? Glittery white rocky thingy...He he the drummer dropped his cue and the drumming continued... Repetetive song but had something special for them so.. we´ll see

Croatia Wolfes die alone, apparently..... bagpipes and an eery choir... an old type crooner with a cultural twist, naaw don´t think so.
I´m betting though that Svavas rooting for this one, he has David Duchovny eyes.

Bulgaria Club singer! Last song of the evening type... you know where they try to bring the crowd don.

Ireland Love can..... Not much to say...

Slovenia Sole guy on a stage, o.k. ... not bad, soft crooner with strength.. a bit young for me but hey ;-P Feels slightly like he´s about to sing the national anthem though... It just picked up the rythm... this one might just make it through, how large percentage do you think of the voters will be teenage girls ;-)

Denmark My first reaction was "Thats SOOO stolen" but now I´m not so sure, the intro was amazing, to the point of me even ignoring the pink flowery shirt and the orange suade sneakers. My bet is on him winning tonight!

Polland pink frilled polkadancers going lailailailailai, ouch horrible, sorry but there´s no other word!

We didn´t get through .... hrumph . . oh well it leaves me to cheer on Denmark and Hungary

So what´s your all time favorite Eurovison song? I think mine would have to be Hubba Hulla by Israel..´80 something


At 5:43 am, Blogger Anastasia said...

oooh man. can I come over and watch with you?

At 5:47 am, Blogger Gunnella said...

By all means come, there´s still a bottle of white wine hera and some muffins just begging to be eaten ;-P


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