Friday, June 24, 2005

I'm alive, honest!

Been a right busy week and a half. The first few days were spent attending the conference which was a thrilling experience, both due to the papers being delivered as well as the excitement over meeting all these famous people (within the realm of folkloristics) on a fairly equal basis...
Jacqueline Simpson and Bo Almquist Jonathan in front of former president Vigdis Finnbogadottir The President of Iceland ;-)
Me and an Jenny from Ireland Jonathan Roper and Jon Hnefill Jon Hnefill

Then Halldor and the kids arrived on the 16th, just in time for Iceland's National day. Us being the lazy unsociable gits that we are, went downtown really early, got the compulsory hot dog, balloons and pacifier lollipops, then after having the obligatory photo taken in front of the statue of Jon Sigurdsson headed over to the park where I and Halldor proceeded to sunbathe whilst the kids stood in queue waiting to get into the jumping castles (you know the airfilled thingies).. And then when all the processions started arriving downtown we made our way up to dads for a lazy afternoon there ;-)
Finally celebratory dinner :-D In front of the statue of Jon Sigurdsson Sitting in front of my old playschool
DSCN4012 Ragnar and Graffiti Hallgrimschurch lit

GrundafjardarfjolskyldanAfter a number of family gatherings and numerous dinners the kids were then picked up by their dad and step mum (the 20 year old) on the Sunday. Leaving me desolately empty inside, strange that, I aught to rejoice having time off on my own and all that... Anyways, am now bent over books researching for my Masters dissertation in the National Library whilst the sun bangs down on the rest of the nation ;-) But hey I'm off to Japan in two weeks time !!!! Got my application off to the Japanese embassy in time, weird though, needed a heart x-ray, lung x-ray, multiple bloodtests and urine test just to apply for a research grant. Apart from shocking the poor physician to whom I took the document to be filled out, it also irritated him, questions like :
Colourblindness, normal or not normal? So do I have a normal colourblindness I wonder ;-)
If I were to get this grant, amazing and unlikely as that would be it would mean 18 or 24 months in Japan commencing either in April or October next year.. If I don't get it well, cest la vite ;-)


At 9:23 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hae Gunnella min,
Eg vildi bara segja goda ferd til Japans. Thu faerd vonandi thennan styrk til rannsokna i Japan, thu att hann svo skilid and has your name written all over it. :)
Eg aetla ad gera nyja sidu fyrir krakkana fljotlega. Vid erum a fullu ad gera breytingar a husinu nuna. Erum ad setja parket a stofuna og bordstofuna og forum thess a milli i sund og a strondina svo thad hefur verid litill timi fyrir skriftir.
Huld og co

At 6:55 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hya sis,
long time no uploads - busy busy busy? ;)
Loads of love for the trip, and share that with the other children...
was wondering; if you have in mind, somewhere along the way, say if you drop 'coincidentally' into a stationary shop in Japan, could you check if they have a fineliner pen, black ink preferably, smaller than 0.05? I've heard talk of a 0.03, and dream of having a 0.01, but if you could check this out along the way, it would be great.
Love you loads,
yer bro,
hugs and kisses alll, and knus -
am i arnhem, bumped into someone I met in groeningen, and will stay here two nights, probably off to germany tomorrow...
en su tilvera! :)


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