Monday, June 13, 2005

Yay I´m back..!

Yeah !!! Yay !! Essays finally written and handed over so time to catch up on pictures, well for tonight at least seeing as I´m off for a conference in Iceland tomorrow morning :-D

Blowing the candles, wonder what he wished for ;-)The photos are from Ragnars pre-birthday party, officially his birthday is the 15th of July but since at that time he´ll be in Japan we decided to hold a small gettogether for him before leaving for Iceland. Smiling somewhat messy brethren ;-PI felt kind of guilty seeing as for two years running he´s not had a birthday party whereas his sister´s had great big ones.
Yummy ;-PIt´s not entirely my fault though, actually through no fault of my own, seeing as at the time of his birthday he´s always at his fathers! Oh well, servees no purpose getting irritated. He had two friends over, needless to say, plenty of food, good fun and loads of smiling faces.

Funny Faces !!

Anyways, will post more once I´m back in Iceland ;-)


At 8:52 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Til hamingju med soninn. :) Ordinn svo stor og myndarlegur gaeji.
Huld og co


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