Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Famous Bloggers ;-)

O.k. so I know I´ve been somewhat lax in my general postings lately (understatement what) but I just had to share this one, celebrity bloggers! And no, I´m not merely talking about Will Wheaton, as good as his blog is though ;-) Gwyneth has this weird newsletteresque blog, whilst Jeff Bridges has the sweetest, coolest blog ever, even though I can´t quite make heads or tail of most of it ;-) Barbra Streisands is all prim and proper, and somewhat ... well sometimes it reads like a lecture, a political one at that. Svava is going to go read Davids Duchovnis one for sure, although it does seem slighty single minded and leaves one somewhat guilty for not having gone to see his flop of a film. Lest I forget I´d better mention whatsherfaces blog, pregnant bimbo, hit me baby one more time...Æi you know her, Pamela actually seems to have a sense of humour for her self as well, making it a fun photobrowse although not very enlightening. Bruce doesn´t update often but Rosie (O´Donnell)has a fun way with words as well as being very endearing and personal. Tom Green is very good on the updating thing, and I guess it gives a good insight into his life, what with drinking pics and all ;-) George Takei of Star Trek fame is pretty up to date with loads of pics and reminicences.
But my all time favorite, of course, would have to be Kevin Smith :-D with his Boring Ass Life...Wonderful to find out that the famouse life just the same as the rest of us, albeit somewhat more hyperactive (wonder whether that´s why they´re all famous and rich...?)


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