Friday, August 05, 2005

I´m off to see the Ozzard, the wonderful Ozzard of Wiz...

Well I´m off to see Alan Lee at the 63rd World Con in Glasgow ;-) O.k. so I´ll be attending a lot of scholarly folklore papers being delivered as well, as well as documenting the living fan folklore all around me but deep down it´s all about getting Alan Lee to sign his book for me :-D Manic geekette laughter... Have loved his art for over two decades now, I think that warrants a slight excitement ;-)
And then there´s also the romance factor of attending a con for the first time with a partner equally if not more geeky as one self, involving three nights at a fancy hotel in a distant city. Ok perhaps not so distant but still it´s a getaway ;-P

So I´ll be posting fun pictures from the pirate gala evening as well as the masquerade after the weekend, until then ... Hugs

p.s. am also going to see Terry Brooks and Terry Pratchett .. Whohooo


At 6:22 am, Blogger Elizabeth said...

Maybe I`ll see you there...


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