Thursday, August 25, 2005

Life, the universe and the rest

Living is tense in Edinburgh these days, with an eleven year old boy having gone missing on the way to school, then his body found a few days later parents around here are pretty tense. It happened not that far away from here and the kid was dropped off only a block away from his school, terrifying. Got a lecture today on how I shouldn´t allow Elena out by herself and apparently the park up the street has now become a danger zone......
Missed going to the Serenity premiere here a couple of days ago. Didn´t realise it would take here at the Edinburgh festival, otherwise would have secured tickets ages ago, by the time I realised the only tickets to be had were going for over a hundred quid on e-bay... makes one wonder about the whole going to school to aquire an education thing, maybe scalping is the way to go ;-) Regarding the whole education thing, stressing out on the whole thesis thing "school´s so much more fun when I don´t have to hand things in" ;-P

Am off to Iceland tomorrow for the aforementioned language test and interview, hoping you guys keep your fingers crossed for me, I soooooooo want this to happen....

So ... what do you think of "The Pros and Cons of Childbearing:
Perinatal and Postnatal dangers in 42 Questions"
as a title for the thesis ;-) It´s a thought, or "There and Back Again: The Liminal State of the Pregnant Woman" Any suggestions?


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