Saturday, September 03, 2005

The attack of the cystitis (looked it up you see ;-)

Yay, note heavy sarcasm!! Elena has just been privy to her first bout of bladder infection. Have no idea of what the official term is in English but am guessing at least a third of the female readership will have experienced the excruciating agony at one time or another. Was soo hoping she´d not be susceptible to this but given she possesses a third of my genes (discovery channel rides again) it was to be expected. I guess I can just be thankful she had her first bout at the age of six as well as me knowing the symptoms and the home cures and hence being able to have her drinking a pint of heavily lemonated dark tea within minutes. Would have fed her vitamin c if there had been any in the house. Apparently I got this a lot as a child, partially due to the extra kidney thing but got a shock, when at 16 I got the fullblown version and didn´t recognize the symptoms. Not having a mum around and being famously known for not seeking medical assistance until the very last it escalated to the point of me having to be hospitalized when I was loosing too much blood, admittedly only for one night but still.... Painful as hell, literally, a fiery scorching hell.

Poor Halldór, as I realised what was happening and was cuddling her in the bathroom I was ordering him to search for vitamin c, make tea, luke warm mind you and putting it into a straw cup, preferrably with loads of lemon in it, absolutely no sugar! ... He typically for him said nothing, did as requested and it was only when Elena had relaxed a bit that I noticed the puzzled look on his face and realised that he had absolutely no idea as to what was going on ;-) He just takes us in a stride :-D

Already by bedtime Elena was feeling better and now should know the symptoms well enough herself to be able to get to them in time ... What a life, ehi?


At 4:13 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ohh greyjid Elena. :( Ekki gaman ad sliku.
Takk fyrir god rad med svidskrekkinn, profa ad sja folk thannig..ha ha ha :)
Eg er annars i vinnunni ad stelast til ad kikja a sidurnar a medan thad er rolegt herna.


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