Monday, September 05, 2005

Hurricane Katrina [Overwhelmed]

A broken, emotive, nonlinear post, based on images of New Orelans following the advent of Katrina as depicted by people experiencing in first hand on Flickr.

Hurricane Katrina [Overwhelmed]
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Browsing through the photos tagged Katrina on Flickr one learns in a way much more than one can gleam from the newspapers and news. The photographer above promiced to forward the names of the ladies sisters in case anyone browsing might happen upon the information. Clicking on the photo will give you the full story.

Ginger and Av of DeepfriedKudzu fame have already made their second journey bringing supplies and water....My admiration goes out to these people who actually get up and do something to help. Her Photoset of the catastrophy is scary, mostly due to their bleakness...

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Amazing the work being done by volunteers in the areas worst hit by the hurricane! These smiling faces are a prime example of the power for one person to do good and the importance thereof. One feels powerless, not to mention enraged over the apparent ill management of assistance!!

Yet at the same time, as heartwrenching as the images of the situation are, and as horrendous as the (what seems to us non USA) the bias and prejudice seems to be it is also heartwarming to observe the response the Red-cross has recieved as well as witnessing all those individuals who are donating their time and effort to help.


At 3:21 pm, Blogger The Junkie said...

I'll admit, it has been refreshing to see the media finally get as riled up about the situation as us mere mortals watching it on TV.

Aside from a small tirade on WIIW, I haven't been able to post about it. Too much anger and bitterness to be able to be anything other than a crank.

Wish I could do something other than throw money at the situation, but then that's probably the best thing I could be doing.

At 7:08 pm, Blogger Chris said...

When you say "ill management", I am sure you mean "completely criminal".

At 8:25 pm, Blogger Gunnella said...

Well yeah !

At 8:54 pm, Anonymous Eva said...

Takk fyrir knúsið.. þetta er liðið hjá, tók ekki langan tíma og nú er það bara back to living the great life i´m living.:)
Hafðu það gott kélling í edinu:þ


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