Sunday, September 25, 2005

My hot water bottle

I love my new, second hand, red rubber hot water bottle... I guess that means I´m getting old for real and all that, but it is astounding how much better and faster the brain manages to assimilate and mangle ideas when ones feet aren’t cold. Had I mentioned that I live in Edinburgh, a lovely old apartment near the centre, with high lofty ceilings... precisely, high lofty ceilings along with Scottish non existent double glazing, brick walls and high cost gas heating that could never be called “central” for like in Japan it only functions when one is sitting precisely on top of said radiators.. that don’t work half the time anyway .. :-D

O.k. rant over, back to Turville-Petre an the shambles that is my essay ;-) I am soooo going to take Anastasias lead when this is over, and keep in practice reading and writing. An article and a review a day !!! If I am to become the scholar that I intend to I´d better start working on it... loads of side stories just popped into my mind, but see :-D a new and effective Gunnella at the rains and the stories will simply have to wait, I´m off to write my essay ;-)cue tune .... off to see the wizard

Hugs from the ranty nutty one, o.k. rasiny perhaps ;-P


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