Wednesday, September 07, 2005

New pics and explanation of the Eureka below ;-)

I realised just now that I haven’t been keeping you up to date with pictures, somewhat unusual for me. The reason for this is twofold, first of all my computer has been misbehaving and as well as being extremely slow decided to dump all photo processing software I had accumulated and secondly I am non figuratively speaking upside down in a pile of books on the most interesting and obscure of subjects trying to get this dissertation thing done in time. In time being next week, panicky glazing over the eyes...

So, anyway, I decided to upload some more pictures from this summers Japan trip which can be found in whole here, completely untouched or cut *blush* but at least there to be perused.

A wet yet jolly group ;-) What a contrast:-D Namahage :-) A definite research projet sometime later!!

Secondly to clarify the previous post, After the interview and language assessment up in Iceland last week I received official confirmation yesterday that I am indeed ( James Earl Jones voiceover) The one, i.e. out of the applicants for the MEXT grant I go unto the next level. The next level being that now I start getting in touch with my chosen Universities and try to get them to accept me as a research student there come either April next year or October. If do I succeed in gaining a placement I will then be guaranteed full tuition fees paid as well as a small sustenance fee for either 18 or 24 months.

I requested leaving in October so as to disrupt the kids school year here as little as possible but in the end it will be the decision of the University as well as dependent on when they start the Japanese language courses.

So, should all go well, we, the family, will all be heading off to Japan some time next year, to live in either Tokyo or Yokohama (unfortunately there are no folklore departments in rural areas :-( ) I would try to enrol Ragnar into an English language or a bilingual school, at age nine I don’t want to ruffle up his education any more than necessary. His accomplishment in learning English this past year has been astounding in view of his learning disabilities and I’m not going to subject him to another main language yet. Elena on the other hand, being already a year ahead in school by Icelandic standards is quick, socially very able and if possible I’d let her attend a Japanese school.

Anyways, enough future contemplating, better get back to the thesis writing or else none of this will come to pass ;-)



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Wow! That sounds VERY exciting indeed!


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