Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Pond in Downtown Reykjavík and thoughts

The Pond in Downtown Reykjavík
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Sincerely sorry about the inherent lack of postings lately have been as Carveath Read so succinctly put it, led “into a quagmire of ambiguous words” and am desperately trying to wade through them so as to hopefully produce an essay wherein I to some degree manage to express my ideas, my research and elucidate why exactly this should matter…

We went to the Mela international Festival here in Edinburgh last weekend which was great, I loved the oriental booths and they had the most amazing area for the kids, where they had all these different booths representing the different countries or continents where the kids got to do crafts, dancing or listen to stories :-D

Mela festival - She loved all the crafts opportunities ;-)
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Mela festival - With his South American air balloon
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Mela festival - I love it "Buffy Summers" !!!
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Amidst all the religious and social mores represented on those things then all over a sudden there she was, Buffy Summers ;-D

In other news my wandering brother has reappeared, both well and hairy ;-) and will be staying here for a while, his stories of roaming the backways of Europe attending great big gathering of spiritualists and the pros of decorative bushes (they´re good for sleeping under) not to mention the horse, the art show and this boom town in Amsterdam are very colourful. He now intends to draw and write of his travels before heading off again and I´ll post a few images here if I get the permission ;-)

Well if I´m going to finish this by Monday I´d better get back to my quagmire and get some actual writing done ;-) Wish me luck! or rather perseverance and abstination from least my vocabulary seems to be dribbling back ;-P


At 10:08 pm, Blogger Soffia Fransiska said...

Kinda struggling with not procastinating myself... Maybe I´ll just procastinate for you? Anyways, sendi þér rosa læristrauma, pojpojpoj með allt. Knúsar


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