Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Feeling sorry for myself ;-)

I´ve got a cold, a very sore throat to be precise, accompanied by humonguos tonsils ... all my endless creative thoughts are killed at birth ! Suffocating in weird nasal intonations I suffer, oh how I suffer .... a really long , pathetic mournful "please feel sorry for me" look ;-) and on top of all the electricity meter has just began it´s long passage of beebing at regular intervals indicating that running to the store and topping up might possibly be advicable before all goes dark... it´s never just one thing is it..
(Hei I´m the big one at home always kissing all booboos so I´m allowed to whine on here ;-) .............. Ahh but on the upside ... today is Ragnar first day in Cricket club, Elena just lost her first tooth and.... and...well will try to be upbeat in my next blog ... ;-P


At 3:44 am, Anonymous Chameleon said...

It must be the onset of autumn/winter. Get well soon, wrap up warmly and down a hot toddy ;)

At 7:11 am, Blogger Neil said...

Get some Night Nurse!

At 9:45 pm, Blogger Svava Svanborg said...

You poor sod. Drink tea with honey. And drink a lot of beer (won't cure you, but at least you'll be drunk)


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