Tuesday, November 01, 2005


At the MuseumWell Halloween is here :-D I now have a skeletal ninja and a farytale princess at a Halloween party up the street. They don´t go trick or treating here but seeing as the influence of tv is so powerful something had to be done for them.
All prepped, my wee geisha and Ninja ;-)Went yesterday to a singing shamain session at the national Museum and we ended up perusing the natural history of Scotland, much to the enjoyment of the kids ;-) Can´t take the teacher out of Gunnella can ya? Then we went to the video rental to get Jurassic park, seemed fitting after the museum and horrorish enough for a six year old and a nine year old, admittedly in the end I was the only one doing the jumping ;-P

Oh and Arrrrgggh, if you´re still looking for the perfect costume but are, obviously, running out on time, then try printing your own extremely scary celebrity mask!!


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