Monday, October 03, 2005

Me and my famed "been there done that" t-shirt ;-P

Me and my famed "been there done that" t-shirt ;-P
Originally uploaded by Gunnella73.

Decided to prove that I actually went and got the t-shirt ;-) Incidentally all September family pics are now in the September album, if anyone´s intrested .... So I give you September in Pictures

Posing ;-)


At 6:57 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 7:32 am, Anonymous Jón Kjartan. said...

Hjúkk mar - þú heppin að hann var til i svörtu! ;)

At 7:46 am, Blogger Gunnella said...

He he ´hann er´í raun dökk blár en það sleppur ;-P

At 11:09 pm, Blogger Svava Svanborg said...

rvotmkVery sexy my dear, very sexy :-) Safnaðu fleiri háskólabolum, hlakka til að sjá þann næsta á japönsku. Kannski verður hann bleikur..............


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