Thursday, October 06, 2005

Thus the journey begins. It slowly unfolds as the pseudo Latin music is poured over the pseudo Latin waiters as they scurry smilingly between business suit clad travellers who in turn seem oblivious to the effort exerted into creating his pseudo reality for their pleasure.
Sitting by herself she draws a solitary figure, literally.
As she draws the world weary travellers and salsa smiling waiters she seems oblivioushum used that word already rather her demeanour shows no sign much better of the outward cacophony she presents to the trained eye. Neatly clad in black with a complementing red short sleeved shirt, she’s obviously made a valiant effort at presenting a neat, almost sharp figure of the intelligent young woman who is going places. Yet amidst the neatness there are obvious signs of self proclaimed rebelliousness. Her lustruos dark hair sports bright red locks and between the hem of her Top Shop black velvet trouser and shined Dr Martins sandals brightly coloured stripes seem to scream “See! We are here! There is Colour!”

Well it was either posting this old contemplation, arty farty as it is or give you an indepth precise description of "round one" of the Sloan Street battle against the head lice.... Blehhh, yet I count myself lucky, it´s our first time ever, generally kids in their classes have already been visited at least once before .. so did you know that...(trust me to use it as a learnig experience)
In North America and Europe, children are more frequently infested than are adults, and Caucasians more frequently than other ethnic groups. Lice and their eggs are unable to burrow into the scalp. Lice are sometimes referred to as cooties, eggs as nits and infested people as lousy. The infestation by head or body lice is termed pediculiasis, and the associated "disease" pediculosis. Delousing (more properly termed lousing) consists of any method for eliminating an infestation. Head lice are equal opportunity parasites; they do not respect socio-economic class distinctions. Their presence does not connote a lack of hygiene or sanitation practiced by their host.

Oh and there´s a pretty picture as well ;-)


At 9:43 pm, Blogger Svava Svanborg said...

Am familiar with head lice. My dear daughter got them in Denmark. She was lying on top of me fast asleep as I was watching tv. I lovingly stroked her hair then noticed some movement.... This is the one and only time that I've had to restrain my self from throwing my child across the room. Next morning, as the pharmacy was opening up, a woman was waiting to buy lice shampoo. Guess whoooo !

At 10:42 pm, Blogger Gunnella said...

Lol precisely as here, Elena was lying in my lap before getting dressed and as I stroked her hair I wondered where she managed to find sand to put in hair, when it started moving much to my surprice. Phoned the school and at 9 sharp I was at the pharmacy ready to spend tens of pounds on produce ;-P

At 2:08 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't wait until my kids are school age so I can get all that fun stuff that you are talking about....germs, lice, and etc.........NOT....


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