Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Christmas invasion..!

;-) Guess this both settles where I´ll be on Christmas day as well as how much of a geek I really am :-D

Much to my own surprice I fell flat for dr. Who last winter and avidly followed the new series. Don´t know what I think of the new Dr. Who though, Christopher Eccleston was in many ways my main attration to the show, the grin and the wit, but I´m willing to be pleasantly surpriced.
The kids will again leave for Iceland as soon as the holidays begin so again we´ll be celebration little Christmas presumably the weekend before, worked perfectly last year so... The kids get double Christmas and I get my celebrations with the kids and then a nice cosy winter holiday at home with Halldór :-D The kids can´t wait to see their baby sisters and get back to real snow back home, whereas we´re happily enjoying the semi warmth of an Edinburgh winter, slightly chilly but not yet time to ditch the leather jacket for the winter coat :-D suits me fine :-D


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