Saturday, November 12, 2005

Funky self searching test time (again ;-)

Your Birthdate: April 20

You are a virtual roller coaster of emotions, and most people enjoy the ride. Your mood tends to set the tone of the room, and when you're happy, this is a good thing.
When you get in a dark mood, watch out - it's very hard to get you out of it. It's sometimes hard for you to cheer up, and your gloom can be contagious.

Your strength: Your warm heart
Your weakness: Trouble controlling your emotions
Your power color: Black
Your power symbol: Musical note
Your power month: February

You Should Get a PhD in Liberal Arts (like political science, literature, or philosophy)

You're a great thinker and a true philosopher.
You'd make a talented professor or writer.

Your Hair Should Be Purple

Intense, thoughtful, and unconventional.
You're always philosophizing and inspiring others with your insights.

At least it would seem I´m on the right track regarding studies and degree hunting, and I was actually in reality considering purple as my next hair colour ;-) So these tests aren´t all that crazy I guess..


At 5:21 am, Anonymous max said...

in the states, your b'day might mean that you like cannabis ;)

g'day, mate.


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