Thursday, November 17, 2005

Geeky fandom rants and recap :-D or Where are they now

Well, last night I saw Anthony Head of watcher Giles in Buffy fame dressed in nought but a tiny black leather number of the gay persuasion submissivly bending over with a pink featherduster in hand ;-) An image not easily forgettable, that´s what watching Little Britain will do for you. Apart from Little Britain Anthony is also set to star in a couple of episodes of the new Dr Who series..yummy!

Been watching Veronica Mars quite avidly lately and become quite smitten with the show, intrestingly enough both Kevin Smith and Joss Whedon have had walk on´s in the past few weeks. Kevin as a shop clerk (go figure) and Joss as a moderatly obnoxius car rental guy ;-) Oh and Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia Chase) plays a stunning mum of the step type who is sleeping with one of the main characters ;-P won´t tell you which one though in case you´re watching.. Another great show I´ve been following is Threshold , a scifi detective drama of sorts, well cast and excellently scripted, definitely recommend these two!

James Marters (Spike) is now a regular on the Smallville show as Professor Milton Fine pouring out quotes like "Come on Clark, there are no such things as vampire." Alyson Hannigan is one of the main cast of "how I met your mother" a rather painful comedy of the pie variety and Amy Acker is a supervillain, with a concience of sorts it would seem on Alias..

By the way ......... if anyone just happens to be on their way to Burbank California, has a spare ticket on hand and absolutely craves *lots of really nice expletives* company then I´m all for attending Flanvention!! The Serenity/Firefly convention that also incedentally includes Jason Carter ;-) of Babylon 5 fame :-D ahhh the stuff dreams are made of :-P

Oh oh oh almost forgot.. Boreanaz (Angel) is now starring in a show called Bones, hated the first episode, found it condescending and trite but have been assured that it gets a lot better, admittely by men so we´ll see ;-)


At 12:51 am, Blogger Lola said...

Just as a subnote to this Gunnella, Sarah Thompson who played Eve on Angel is now playing the annoying and manipulative fiancee of the Simon character on a show called "7th Heaven" (check out It's one of those "family values"-like shows that they have in the US.


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