Sunday, November 20, 2005

Heads up! The first weekly family update ;-)

Elena og Chelsie

Thought I might give like a heads up on what´s happening family wise here these days.. Was actually thinking about making this a weekly occurrence, lest it simplify the blogging process as well as the eternal when does the blog become family history versus when is a blog sarcastic and witty (not that Ive been any of that lately ;-) By all means feel free to give me feedback on this, should the family part be in the format of a weekly bulleting of sorts? Anywyas ;-)
Steini 28 áraWell after celebrating his birthday with us Steini left us to return to Amsterdam, admittedly only for a couple of days before he then joins up with dad in London and accompanies him to Iceland, fingers krossed ;-) The plan at the moment is to attend School, as for the rest we´ll just have to wait and see.
Halldór að prófa nýja Saxofóninn sinn í búðinniSeeing as Halldórs graduating at the end of the month and that there just happened to be this tenor sax ridiculously priced we ended up getting him one of those for his graduating present. Weirdly enough as we were examining it another lady walked in and wanted to buy the self same sax, what are the odds? Luckyly for us they had two (again what are the odds in a cash converter??) Got a funny look from the shopkeeper when I just dished out the whole sum and more out of my pocket.... oh well, we´ll figure out how to pay the rent some other way ;-P
Horfandi á stundina okkar í tölvunni The kids have taken to watching the Icelandic kids program "Stundin okkar" online each Sunday, and they love it.. At long last I am getting a minor glimpse into exactly why one pays the dues to the state tv in Iceland, this at least serves a purpose...

Other than that all´s fine, busy with designing the Christmas card, promiced myself I´d send them off this year but of course going horribly overboard in size and design, as per usual... we still haven´t had any proper winter here but we´re starting to see slight frost on the cars in the morning, compare that to the snowstorms they´ve had in Iceland of late if you will ;-) And yet as the shadows become longer I find myslef slightæy missing home.. go figure.
Still haven´t gotten into a Phd program, but have a few places inquiring for me so we´ll see ;-) My research grant for Japan is settled and secure so off we go next autumn and... well, all´s well if a tad broke, so what´s new ;-P


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