Friday, November 18, 2005

Oh what a day ;-)

O.k. So far a pretty good day, I´ve (finally) been informally informed that my Ma dissertation did indeed meet the passing grade meaning that I will after all graduate come next January. :-D I´d been worried, firstly because I feel my essay wasn´t up to scratch, as per usual I finished writing it minutes before having it bound and running (literally) for the train to Sheffield, and secondly because I hadn´t had any feedback on drafts no ideas and then heard nothing from the school since September leaving me slightly in mid air.

Then Halldór just phoned and after a nervewracking meeting the boys have just been informed that they have have become the newest company to be placed into the Epis pre incubator scheme involving them being assisted in contact and contract making, a thousand pounds and an office from where to work!

So all in all a good day ;-) Now all I need is a magic fairy to pop in and tell me they´ve just unearthed this amazing folklore grant involving a stipend, a supervisor who just happens to be a specialist in Japanese culture and Folkloristics and a Phd program just waiting to have me.... either that or the pub around the corner accepts my application for their evening post ;-)


At 2:09 am, Blogger Soffia Fransiska said...

Frábært! Risastórar hamingjuóskir héðan úr Danaveldi. Knús og kossar

At 3:29 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Til hamingju, glaesilegur arangur.

At 3:38 am, Anonymous Kristín Rut said...

Þú ert snillingur, til hamingju! Þeir væru ruglaðir ef þeir réðu þig ekki á barnum, ertu búin að segja þeim að þú getir líka sungið?

At 1:51 am, Blogger Ágústa said...

Til lukku frænka :) Aldeilis frábært


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