Monday, November 21, 2005

Photos from Naples are up..

Well I finally got around to uploading the streetshots from Naples, here for your perusal if you should wish so ;-)
Wandering around Naples was strange, espcially seeing as in many ways it reminded me of the Rome I knew two decades ago... The washing hanging out of the windows, kids playing soccer in the streets, old men playing italian cards on the sidewalk with their hats on and everything happening at that slowenly laid back pace I recall so well... Today Rome has become so touristy and sanitized, one feels there are no real families actually living in the centre any more, just restauranteurs and shopkeepers...

On another note,.. my camera, my dear dear dearest camera is now off at the shop for repairs... it seems that bouncing it off the extremely wet marble floors of the vatican wasn´t perhaps the best of ideas so I decided to put that expensive insurance I bought to use... At least I had the good sense and foresight to buy the insurance when I got the camera, 35 quid it cost, expensive, yet when you think how big a clutz I tend to be it seems low, especially in light of the fact that one gets a new one... not bad ehi ;-D At the same time it means that I´m without camera for a while and will have to do with my mobile phone one ;-) So bear with me if future shots seem grainy :-D Please


At 5:33 am, Anonymous Auður said...

Clutzy, like my uncle is clutzy. The same uncle who was preparing to take a picture of my sheep but instead dropped the camera into its water barrel. And as I didn´t get the picture, I didn´t symptathise too much.
But I hope your camera will be fine;)


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