Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Scott monument and the ferris wheel reflected in the dusk on Princess Street

Originally uploaded by Gunnella.

Well the yearly Ferris wheel, skating rink and the german (why German??) Christmas market are all up in the Princes Street gardens. The days are also getting shorter and the toes colder. Guess I can´t really complain when compairing the temperature to Iceland, but at least in Iceland we had proper central heating!!! My camera still isn´t back from repairs, hoping to get it today in order to catch some good shots at tomorrows graduation, if not they´ll all be as corny, ok scratch that, grainy and unfocused as this one....

By the way, did you catch my Nemi cartoon below? She is most excellent !!! I had noticed it occasionally before but yesterday (being the hard working scholar/housewife that I am) I went on a full on Web hunt of the strip and my what a find :-D
So often do I find myself strongly relating to what she´s up to or saying, if not seeing me then I see my friends Svava or Beta ;-D Wicked!
This Norwegian goth, kittenish, sharp yet sweet character is a definite reccommendation!!
Five strips in English here


At 6:51 pm, Blogger laura said...

Och aye! Fellow Nemi enthusiast! How's Scotland this time of the year? :D


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