Sunday, November 27, 2005

The (very) early morning sun casting a glow upon Hallgrímskirkja in the centre of Reykjavík

Originally uploaded by Gunnella.

Could also call the shot "Walking home from the Pub" ;-)

Took this in August (when I popped home for the interview) in the wee hours of the morning as I stumbled home after an excellent night out with Beta and co.... Once I finally made it down to Vitastígur I decided to tumble on down the road and catch the sunrise from the seaside....A perfectly natural thing to do under the circumstances and I caught some great photos! However the morning (read afternoon) after I wondered where the good old days had gone.. somehow strangely enough I find one can´t really go out for a night of drinking ala Icelander without serious repercussions AND THAT'S WHEN I STICK TO JUST BEER!! hrumph... Dunno why I grumble, love being thirty something, I get to say things like..oh yes I saw that movie a couple of decades ago... or.. Oh yes, I was living on my own when you were born ;-P (made easier by having been 14 ;-) anyways, better get back to Jonathan Ross and Patric Swazie on tv.... oh those days of sneaking into cinema at halftime to see Dirty Dancing for the umpteenth time ;-D


At 3:16 am, Blogger Soffia Fransiska said...

Mjög hrifin af familíuupdateinu hjá þér. Gaman að fá fréttir reglulega! Ekkert smá skrítið að hugsa til þess að það er svo stutt síðan að Elena var ungabarn á Blönduósi....gott að það eru bara börnin sem eldast, ekki við ;-P


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