Sunday, November 27, 2005

The weekly family update ;-)

The judo Champs
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Didn´t get any comments on my last Saturday family rant so I´m just going ahead with it.. and perhaps trying to be more energetic in my bloggings come new year ;-)

The judo ChampsOne incredibly proud mum here ;-) Both kids attended their judo grading today and did splendidly!! Elena was elevated to second kai, meaning an obi (sash) with a yellow stripe and Ragnar jumped over 2 graded to go directly from first Mon to fourth! :-D

It was such fun watching them, at the end of Elenas grading they had a game akin to simon says only of the fast version, and it ended with there only being Elena and another boy left, and she won!! For a mum who always used to get picked last for the team and then stuck in the goal it is incredibly good to see them both doing so well, being mentally, emotionally and physically such strong little people :-D Think there is a slight chance I might be doing something right ;-P

Then last night I observed as Elena played school with all her teddies and dolls, and I was impressed. She was strict, yet always complimentary, explained things very carefully and the six year old even went so far as explaining to the dolls how one draws three dimensional objects and why... yup that teaching gene is there :-D

Ragnar is right now sitting in the livingroom along with a friend arguing the journey of Anakin from good to evil, all the time battling on the x-box in Lego Star Wars. I´ve found out recently that I´m a lot stricter than other parents around here in regards to game playing time and computer time. They always have to ask permission, they don´t get to play every day, they do not get to play +16 games and the “adults own the tv after 7” rule still applies. I fully realise this won´t work forever but as things stand I´ve managed to keep tvs out oft their rooms and people have to find the mean way in regards to choosing programs....well apart from the x-factor and Dr. Who, thats´MUM time ;-)

Me and John Paul doing the cooking, carbonara and ...mmm Orsiana?Went and visited John Paul (co founder of Dunedin arts along with Halldór) and Lizzie last night and had an excellent time. We cooked Spaghetti Carbonara and ...well Orsiana ;-P
John Paul with his masterpieceAnd everyone seemed well sated and content at the end of it, when paper and scissors were pulled out and everyone grew this incredible urge to surpass the other in origami and snowflake making... I had the lead with my snowflakes when Halldór pulled out a perfectly done, wings flapping falcon origami.. ;-P
The whole gang, suitably hyper :-D (well apart from the photographer;-)

Next week´s going to be busy, Halldór´s graduation, guests arriving, Chirstmas cards to be sent out and well the general stuff :-D until later ..


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Thad er virkilega gaman ad heyra um aevintyri fjolskyldunnar. :)
huld og fjolskylda


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