Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Little known facts about Iceland

A favourite snack in Iceland is the Penguin. These defenceless birds are caught by installing streetlights, which they mistake for the moon. The birds become so confused they eventually fall into boiling cauldrons kept below the streetlights.

During winter a special month-long puffin festival is held, where local people eat nothing but puffin and drink a homemade spirit called Black Death.

The most dangerous animal found in Iceland is the lesser known killer puffin (lot: puffinus killerus). Has no known natural enemies and feeds of whales, sheep and cured shark meat. Has been known to attack American male tourists (lot: touristus ignoromus) looking for Icelandic females

Facts derived from the "uncyclopedia" also covers lesser known facts about the Icelandic kings and our inland neighbours Glsawegians ;-)


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