Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Our new resident housemouse or Rudolph the Red Nosed Jumping Jack Flash

Our new resident housemouse
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Scratch scratch scratch ....... scratch ..... As I sat at my desk, innocently trying to concentrate on filling out applications and not get sidetracked by anything, the scratching sound caught me off guard.
I´d heard it on several occasions before in the past few days but never as clearly as now.. So poor Halldór was called in from drawing cars in his cubicle, the door was shut and the hunt began.... I have to admit a minor trepidation seeing as a few of the boxes underneath my table were post order boxes from abroad, so images of slitherings and creepies flew through my mind as I started digging a tunnel through the mountain of pressies carefully hidden underneath my desk...
Alas, instead of a big ,,.?.. well something, it turned out to be the cutest little mouse, seems like a baby judging by the fur and the size of it but it can jump literally 7 times it´s own height! It had been carefully nested inside the cardboard box containing Elenas present and from the looks of it had been there for a quite a while, can´t for the life of me figure out why it didn´t go further afield, unless it had really been tiny when it came..
So, the ban on home pets has been temporarily lifted and Elena in the true spirit of Christmas announced that this was an extra present from God :-D


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