Friday, December 16, 2005

Prepairing for Christmas and Photographic (if somewhat momentary) fame ;-)

Eilean Donan in the chilly mistSince getting my new camera I´ve become even more mad for photography than before, as if you thought that possible ;-) And some recognition has been recieved, earlyer this week one of my photos was in the top ten of the most intresting photos of the day on Flickr, which incidentally caused an amazing surge of commentator to vivit my site. An amazing 665 have visited the photo, 55 have named it as one of their favorites and 39 have commented upon it :-D I´m flabbergasted, it is strange how photos one thinks isn´t one of your best get´s such attention.

Anyways, applied for a job as a sales clerk in a photography store yesterday, mayhaps not exactly in line with my now aquired education but seeing as we´re off in October and I have no idea whether or not I´ll be commencing studies again in February something had to be done..... Even though we´ve kept Christmas expenses to the bare minimum it´s still amazing how much it is once amassed...

Speaking of which, Christmas preparations are all but done here, a good thing too seeing as we´re celebrating it tomorrow ;-) Not due to cultural differences, but due to the fact that in mere6 days the kids are off to Iceland to visit with their dad and co. At least this way I get a proper Christmas with them before they go (the holidays would so be shot for me if I didn´t) and they gain rather than loose on the whole being divorcee kids by getting double holidays ;-D
Well, thought I´d share a couple of photos of how we prepare for Christmas :-D as per usual Halldór took care of the baking, yummy ;-) Whilst I and the kids focused upon decorating, making new decorations and helping Halldór eat the cookies... Amazing what a little teamwork will do, a little blond distraction there, a question from a wee young man there and mum runs off with three cookies to the the livingroom ;-P
Tilbúið skraut Elena að föndra
Ragnar einbeittur Glott ;-) Halldór bakarameistari :-D


At 9:31 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gledileg jol og goda skemmtun a morgun. Einnig goda skemmtun a Islandi Ragnar og Elena. :)
Hvad aetlid thid Halldor svo ad gera yfir jolin? Vera heima eda fara eitthvad? Ja thad eina slaema vid jolin eru hvad dyr thau eru alltaf sama tho ad madur reyni ad halda kostnadinum nidri. :)
Huld og fjolskylda

At 1:49 am, Blogger Lola said...

Happy holidays Gunnella!

At 6:32 am, Anonymous Gurrý Guðfinns said...

Hæ Gunnella, gaman að fylgjast með þér á Ljó fínar myndir hjá þér. Bestu jólakveðjur til þín og þinna, Gurrý, Amman í Jórdaníu


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