Thursday, January 19, 2006

Blogging contemplations

Been browsing blogs lately wondering where mine is heading, presumably due to the fact that I “should” be preparing two papers and a proposal yet am feeling very much in mid air, not knowing whether I´m starting a PhD course next month or whether I should be out looking for a job. The looking for jobs thing is fairly difficult as I feel I´m being dishonest by only wanting a job until August at the very latest, and there is always the off chance that the school will get back in touch. How can I honestly answer when they ask why they should hire me?
So until October, when we (presumably) head off to Japan (assuming all goes well with the Japanese ministry of education) and start my research there I´m literally in mid-air. I just graduated, I feel like taking a break, yet at the same time I´m not contributing at all to the household at the moment, granted my student loans were our main income last year but still..

And this, although it seems like I´ve just been rambling aimlessly, is were the blog discussion kicks in. When I started my blog it was this nameless thing, mostly for whining about life the universe and all its attacks on me, my sci-fi/fantasy interests which I didn´t have anyone to share in, interesting links that came my way and goofy online tests ;-) These days it rocks between being a family saga, a link share base, a photographic platform spiced with the occasional rant.
I´ve been told that the blog has lost it´s edginess, that the sarcasm isn´t there anymore... Well it kind of reflects my mood and emotional stance at each given moment, hence the mode chance. I am content, in a happy relationship with my best friend, the kids are doing great and for all this ranting I´m most definitely moving forwards in strides..

Another of my problems is that I no longer feel relaxed venting properly here as I don´t want things doubling back and hitting me in the head. I can´t really vent about the crappyness of the management at my school, the nuttyness of my relations nor the abominableness of the ex, as I can´t be sure who could find their way here.. Soonish I´m hoping to start publishing so don´t I need to guard my tongue?

Looking at blogs around there are a few fairly obvious categories:
There are the nameless ones I love reading, often focusing on academia, whereby people rant freely about the idiocy of their students, deans and the whole inter-departmental politics mess.
Then there are the personal ones, those who post photos of their kids (or cats), rant about the workplace (without actually naming it of course) and generally give an account of life at that household with the occasional personality test interspersed.
There are the aggressively bitchy ones, obviously nameless, where one suspects that the person in question might just be the sweetest thing in person but uses this as a place vent to her/his aggressivity.

Where do I belong? Being an Icelandic folklorist abroad there´s not much I can actually say in a blog without there being a chance of it being traced to me, so an idea would be just to keep my bitching to myself and just blog about the nice things in life. A happy, upbeat optimistic blog, but where´s the fun in that, and how honest would that be? There again I have always refrained from blogging when feeling too down as those aren´t the things I´d like to share nor to remember...

O.k. so there doesn´t seem to be a point made here, to surmise I´m wondering where the line between blog personality and real life fades, how much others can put in store by what they read here and maybe whether it would be a good idea to separate this blog into two, leaving this one to be a family saga and leaving rants to be published elsewhere? As things stand my personalities are already split enough as it is ;-) so what do you think? Unnecessary ranting/worries?


At 11:03 pm, Blogger Steve said...

Well, I think you're still great! Maybe I missed the exceptional greatness that went before, but for me, it's been great since I started reading!

I like the idea of having two blogs - I suspect I would like to see more of your bitchy shouty aggressive side... although you'd have to swear us to secrecy and sneak the link over to us!!

At 5:56 am, Blogger ramblingmuse said...

Hey there.

Thanks for the comment on my blog.

I think I was one of those browsed blogs you mentioned, but hard to say which of those categories I fall into...hopefully not one of the "aggressively bitchy ones, obviously nameless, where one suspects that the person in question might just be the sweetest thing in person but uses this as a place vent to her/his aggressivity." :-P

Great blog you have here. I might check in from time to time.


At 7:53 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How odd, I have been thinking the same thing. I don't know who is reading my webpage anymore.I started feeling uncomfortable writing about my thoughts since certain people have commented on it in a negative way.My page is now sole children related. I have been thinking about changing my password and emailing the password only to the people I feel comfortable with, friends and family that do not judge me if I have a bad day. :)
But we will see..maybe I will just keep it children related. Time will tell.

At 8:11 am, Blogger Viking Zen said...

Hi Gunnella- Delurking here- I've been reading your blog for a while because it seems like we are in related academic fields- although I did Comparative Lit., I focused on world myth/folklore in relation to literature. And I am also a mom (a very new one, but still...).
Anyway, I understand the feeling of not wanting to put things too out in the open because there may be unpleasant consequences...You, however, are a folklorist: perhaps you could come up with a creative way of venting that will satisfy you and amuse your readers...perhaps compare the story of someone's bad behavior with a folktale...or make up your own, including characters. Kind of like a romance a clef...
Anyway,I enjoy your blog! :-)

At 10:24 pm, Blogger Svava Svanborg said...

I think your blog is great dear. The thing I love about it is the fact that it contains everything, family stories, your thoughts, pictures and even political comments :-) You have it all and more. Please continue !

At 3:16 am, Blogger Gunnella said...

Thank you all ;-)
Steve; if I do I surely will!
Ramblingmuse; He he good to know will be by again for sure ;-)
Huld; As Steve said, sharing the link is a must if you decide to go that way!
Viking Zen; Yay another lurker outed ;-) He he so if I start rambling about trolls and gargoyles you´ll know I´m referring to ...
Svava; Thank you, as my most avid reader I´d say you have quite say in the matter ;-D

So all in all think I´ll keep it as it is for the time being, then we´ll see...


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