Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Followup on the Memorypost :-D

Thank you all who shared a memory with me here below, it was incredibly precious and surpricing in as much as the clarity of the memories and the emotions connected with them far surpassed what I had expected :-D
Jibby! I have friends *silly looking Icelander in long johns and a wolly jumper dances around in joy* ;-)

Ágústa : I´d actually forgotten about that ;-) Thank you for reminding me! Hey wow I actually had drinking stamina many a year ago :-D I have some great photos from that gathering, admittedly at home, but worth keeping in mind for later meetups! I had such a great time :-D

Lola : Like wise :-D Online friendships through blogs are intrigueing, one knows so much about the person, their mood, feelings, priorities, interests, talents yet at the same time one knows so little ... You coming over for a coffe in Edinburgh one day?

Svava Svanborg : He he that´s a classic, unfortunately our magics were a bit off or perhaps too self goal orientated because all of them showed up at school next day fit as a fiddle. I still have that Kachina in my pencil case ;-)

Jóna Finndís : Ahh that was great fun! :-D I loved the guiding job, gave me an opportunity to meet and interact with people from all over the world (as well as free fish for supper) and I really enjoyed yours and the others company. Haven´t invited anyone over for waffles in years, you visiting anytime soon ;-D ?

Chris : A no pain no gain, lucky me I´m on the other side.. still haaven´t figured that out might actually have to read the booklet/cd one of these days ;-) p.s. have you checked out the photos yet?

Lisa : Same here, definitely the humour and way of looking at life :-D

Wordnerd : Oh it would be great if you were to visit, hey there´s a perfectly good free livingroom floor here :-D ! And I agree, the friendmakeing (and keeping) part is the main reason I keep out a blog

Soffia Fransiska : He he, just told Halldór that story, for those who don´t understand Icelandic we were on a teachers "educational" trip to Italy and I´d been doing most of the translating on the trip, that day, seeing as we had an English speaking guide we, Soffía, Kristín Rut and I, decided to ditch the crowd and discover Venice on our own away from the main touristy areas. At the end of the day we decided to each get a henna tattoo causing the headmaster, who is very protective to have an absolute shock seeing as he believed they were real... guess you had to be there but the look on his face...priceless

Huld : Oh bugger, knew someone would drag that one up ;-) The first time I got drunk... sorry total amnesia :-D Honest!

Neil : he he it did seem like ages didn´t it ;-) Neil is a fellow Glasgow blogger whom I met at the bogmeet the other day ;-) and enjoysed, as is obvious, numerous beers with.... I think we endured from 2 till 11 when we had to run to catch the train ;-D fun!

Jon Kjartan : Húsavík is classic! Whales, fancy dinners, loosing the car, sitting on the balcony and hearing all about "Hjálpi mér milljón marglyttur frá melum, stoppiði lyftuna strax í nafni tútta!!!!!! Hjáááálp!!!" ;-D

Auður : He he thank you :-D lurkers of the lurkdom unite...perhaps judging from the comments better not ;-P ahh those were the days, intresting course the Tok one... I have to admit your energy was the defining factor in me actualy attending any of the lessons ;-D

Hulda : Hey Great to see you here (Hulda is one of my favorite student from the teaching days, albeit all grown up by now) Arrgh yep, had actually totally forgotten about that, tend to forget the negative ;-) I was livid wasn´t I...Can´t actually remember having bee so angry before in my life... but it all worked out, apologies were made and we were free to continue on with our Buffyfest ;-) English language teaching at it´s best :-D

Steve : He he yet another drinking story and from the Glasgow blogmeet as well ;-) I bow, and thank you for the complements, ... lucid and vertical?!? ...am however somewhat incredulous ;-) I really enjoyed myself that day, meeiting all these people one knows the silliest things about in person for the first time, abstract to say the least ;-)
Sorry about the accent thing, I do wish I could ditch the Icelandic accent but I´m guessing from hereon that´s too much to hope for, thank you however :-D

P.s. if anyone else wants to comment and share a memory it´s still not too late ;-) Love to hear from all of you (megalomania becoming apparent ;-)


At 5:06 am, Blogger Chris said...

I did not know they were up until you posted. I never thought that I could look so Evil in all of my life.


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