Thursday, January 05, 2006

Happy New Year, albeit somewhat belated ;-)

I seem to be going in circles ;-)Ach..... a new year has come to pass. Can you believe it´s 2006 already, have no idea where I saw myself being in this year a decade or two back but far from unhappy abput where it would seem to be taking me ;-) As always with the passing of a year past mistakes, failures as well as the odd achievements come to mind, along with the annual vows of betterment.... and I am of course no exception ;-P In the past couple of weeks (using the fact that the kids haven´t been around as well as photographs of how (in my perception) horribly bloated I´ve become and visions of a neon white popo face underneath my cap at graduation)
* I´ve quit coke (the beverage you silly)
* Started in a top gym and even gotten consultation (and even more surpricingly kept to it)
* Modified my diet ;-) ok that one could be going better but hey it´s the holidays ;-) I started off on the “meals as large as your fist 6 times a day” and am up to, .. well no sweets, cookies or sodas :-D Every little helps right ;-D
* Oh and I decided the other day I´d write a book ..

So those are my new years resolutions that I started in December ... (humm? do they then count ..) Did you make any ? Care to make a bet on how long they´ll last ;-Þ

Edinburgh in pastels ;-)


At 12:06 am, Blogger Soffia Fransiska said...

hrikalega dugleg! hér er sko bara át í fimmta veldi tangad til prófid mitt 13.jan er búid!

At 3:34 am, Blogger Meike said...

Happy New Year!

Actually, I made two new year's resolutions (but shhh, don't tell anyone ;):

1. finally get my driver's licence
2. have another baby :))

We'll see how that goes...


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