Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The kids are back but sanity nowhere to be found, that and the cape ;-)

Börnin komin heim ;-)
Originally uploaded by Gunnella73.

*dances around the room (yet again)* The kids are back, the kids are back, the kids are back she sings to an illdefinable tune of her own making... :-D
Busy week up ahead, the kids returned during the weekend, accompanied by dad who´s here to attend my graduation ;-) Actually the first one he´s ever attended :-D *yet another happy dance (cut it out already)* So this week we´re off to Sheffield for me to make the most of my "first" opportunity to wear a fancy hooded cape and a mortar board on my head. Actually dad insist they´re called gowns, but a cape sounds oh so more adventurous, don´t you think? ;-) Promice to post pictures, after having carefully weeded out the bad ones as well as the alcholically impaired ones ;-P Think I´d better join Halldór in bed now, my split personalities starting to become a tad too obvious in my writings *glances about nervously (a giant manga style hammer appears...)* o.k. see what I mean :-D

Good night!


At 11:50 pm, Blogger Villa said...

Hæ Gunnella!
Langaði til að spyrja þig ljósmyndunarsnillinginn ráða um bestu kaup á digital myndavél í Edinborg - sendu mér endilega línu þegar tími gefst! Kær kveðja

At 1:51 am, Anonymous Auður said...

Happy graduation:D (also wouldn´t mind camera purchase advice, since we seem to be on the subject... *blushes*)

At 6:55 am, Anonymous Hulda ! said...

Sorry að hafa minnt þig á þetta atvik en ég lofa að tala aldrei aftur um það ! ;-)

At 7:42 am, Anonymous Ester Sif said...

Til hamingju með útskriftina elskan mín :D Skilaður kveðju til allra frá mér!

At 2:14 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ahh, i so feel you on loving the chaos of having the kids around. except i've only got kid. but you know.

and happy graduation :)

At 6:02 am, Anonymous Ka-Hee said...

Hi, it's Ka-Hee, Ye-won's mum! Finally come in!:)
I'm amazed to see what you've done!!! They're great!!
So, you're a photographer, aren't you? Yet you haven't told me that..!
I especially like the 'a lone cone'.(is this right?)
Anyway I'm glad I've known you who's cool and kind and a very good photographer!:D
See you tomorrow~~


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