Sunday, January 22, 2006

Thunder in concert !

ThunderBeing broke and all I did something rather nutty yesterday ;-) Went to Glasgow to see Thunder on stage! For those of you lacking in classical Heavy metal education Thunder was a semi big thing back in 1990 and by far my favorite! Saw them live at Kaplakriki in Iceland 1991, Tokyo 1991 and then Monsters of Rocks at Donnington 1992 along with minor bands such as Skid Row and Iron Maiden. Even met them in Kingston once, have the autographed leather jacket to show for it and all ;-D
At the concertSo after a tumultous search for babysitting we headed off to Glasgow, had my kangaroo steak at an australian restaurant (interesting mixture of puffin/venison taste, sweet and very tender yet very flavourful) and showed up at the concert about the time it was advertised as starting. Scarily enough most of the people there were middle aged, making me wonder where exactly I am ;-)
RoadStarThe first warm up band was excellent,
named RoadStar, they had charisma, knew how to work their instruments and the singer was good if a tad overdoing the Steven Tyler bit ;-D The second band was crap, so no mention there and then, two hours later Thunder came on stage ;-)
ThunderBoy have they aged!! But the magic was still there, the music and the singing was great...the onstage carisma and the dancing abilities hadn´t improved much, but hey it´s the music I came to listen to ;-)
When I saw them at Donnington this was so obvious, they were my favorite band yet when appearing on stage after Sebastian Bach of Skidrow fame and incredible stage presence they just seemed small by comparison ...
The image below is of them as I remember them ;-) and I´m going to look for an image of me, wearing my tight jeans, cowboy boots, leather jacket complete with signatures and wearing my Thunder concert T-shirt for your enjoyment ;-) or sniggering...

Gunnella 89O.k. couldn´t find the precise image I was looking for, so I´ll let this one do for now ;-) So I´m not wearing the Thunder t-shirt but apart from that it´s pretty much the same ;-)


At 11:19 pm, Blogger Jon Kjartan said...

þú veik kona. Thunder!

Og þú hefðir frekar átt að fá þér krókódíl - hann er sko miklu betri en kengúran.

At 11:37 pm, Blogger Gunnella said...

He he Thunder rocks!!! ;-) And they didn´t have any crocodile, I´ll leave that for later :-D

At 1:03 am, Blogger Soffia Fransiska said...

Hehe Thunder rúlar, ég gekk líka í gegnum þetta tímabil! Myndi samt ekki mæla með kengúrukjötinu, hef bara smakkað það einu sinni (þá með mjög spúkí aprikósusósu) og mér fannst það ekkert spes

At 8:12 am, Blogger Svava Svanborg said...

Thunder ??? I suppose I'm glad that the band doesn't ring any bells after I saw their picture ;-)


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